How to Apply

Applicants from abroad wishing to become SFedU students have to submit the following documents to SFedU Centre for Interaction with International Students by fax or e-mail:

  1. application form duly filled
  2. copy of the passport (the passport should be valid for at least 18 months after submitting the documents)
  3. copy of the birth certificate
  4. copies of the education certificates of secondary and/or university education including academic transcripts that have to be legalized in the student’s home country
  5. Standard Certificate confirming the equivalence of foreign and Russian education certificates and qualifications (if a student didn’t manage to obtain the Certificate, he or she is allowed to obtain it after entering SFedU with the assistance from the Division of Credential Evaluation at SFedU Centre for International Education)
  6. standard medical certificate and certificate of the HIV-negative status
  7. the list of published works (if any), as well as the subject and the basic description of your future research (for doctorate applicants only)
  8. six photos (3*4 cm)

Terms of documents submission for Foundation Course

To obtain an invitation letter for a visa documents should be sent via email to until August 15th.

To obtain invitation to study at the Bachelor’s degree program, Master’s degree program or PhD degree program documents shall be sent to the Centre for Interaction with International Students before June 1st.

After considering the submitted documents, SFedU Centre for Interaction with International Students can send an applicant an official invitation letter which is required to obtain a Russian visa at the Russian Embassy. It will take SFedU officers approximately a month to get the invitation ready.

After obtaining the visa, the prospective student is welcome to Southern Federal University.

He or she has to visit SFedU Centre for International Education as soon as possible upon arrival in order to avoid breaking the migrational laws.

Submitting original educational documents

At SFedU Centre for Interaсtion with International Students, it is necessary to provide original copies of all the documents, as well as their Russian translations. The translations should be made by a Russian translator. Translations should be done after arrival at SFedU and they should be notary certified.

Terms of documents submission at SfedU for:

Bachelor’s degree program

from June 20th to July 11th

from June 20th to July 9th – creativity competition ( for architecture, design, journalism specialties)

Master’s degree program

from June 20th to August 10th

PhD degree program

from July 27th to August 8th

For further information please do not hesitate to contact SFedU Centre for Interaction with International Students

International students who intend to study at Southern Federal University are strongly recommended to take the Foundation Course which is a one-year preparatory course. Russian Language practice is the core of the Foundation Course. Further information about the Foundation Course is available here.