Campus Life

A large proportion of SFedU students live in student residence halls in one of the two campuses. Both Rostov Campus and Taganrog Campus are well-equipped and have all the modern facilities, such as reading halls and computer rooms, laundry services, fitness facilities and sports grounds, cafeterias. They live in comfortable rooms for two or three persons and have a lot of opportunities to keep in touch with other members of the student community and to take part in various events held on-campus and in other University’s subdivisions.

SFedU students live an active and fulfilling life, no matter whether they live on-campus, or rent private apartments, or have other kinds of accommodation.

SFedU administration and staff strive to provide all the students with equal opportunities in terms of social life, sport, and entertainment. Students are encouraged to become members of the Student Union, participate in volunteering activities, sporting events, various cultural and creative festivals. Numerous events are designed specifically for international students to help them easily adapt to the new surroundings and to make friends with people from different countries.

In the photos at this page you can see  Taganrog Campus. Photos of Rostov Campus are available on the website pages about Sports, Cultural Activities, etc.