Dear prospective students,

I am happy to welcome everybody who wishes to study at Southern Federal University.

When you consider the opportunities to continue your education, you make one of the most important choices in your life. Deciding what to major in, you choose your future.

Southern Federal University (SFedU) is one of the leading Russian universities providing a broad range of study programmes. SFedU graduates possess all the required skills, knowledge and qualifications that enable them to succeed in their future careers and gain competitive advantage on the job market.

The University offers a wide variety of research opportunities. SFedU students are provided with up-to-date facilities enabling them to acquire knowledge and skills in both fundamental and applied science. SFedU students carry out research that is in direct relation to industry and is in demand with employers.

The University’s teaching staff consists of dedicated and forward-looking lecturers and professors. Alongside the experienced teaching staff, SFedU boasts its well-developed academic infrastructure.

As well as that, SFedU prospective students can be sure that up-to-date computers, free Internet access to electronic libraries and many other contemporary facilities will be at their disposal.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at our University.


Yours faithfully,

Marina Borovskaya,  SFedU Rector