Outdoor Recreation

Southern Federal University strives to provide its students with opportunities for sporting activities not only during the academic semesters, but in the vacation period as well. Four SFedU resort centers (usually called «camps») are available to SFedU students wishing to relax, improve their health and to experience fantastic outdoor adventures.

Three camps are located at the Black Sea coast (Limanchik,Vityaz and Raduga) and one more — in the mountains of North Ossetia (Taimazi).

Limanchik, Vityaz and Raduga are resort centers equipped with modern facilities where students can enjoy the sunny beaches and the fresh air of the Black Sea coast, as well as participate in football, volleyball, badminton and swimming events. Vityaz also offers amazing diving opportunities.

Taimazi is a perfect place for outdoor enthusiasts. This mountain camp offers brilliant opportunities for hiking, paragliding, alpine skiing, and mountanineering and welcomes SFedU students all year round.



SFedU also provides its students and staff with an opportunity to stay at  a number of health resorts at reduced price. These include spa resorts of the North Caucasus and beach resorts of the Crimea and other tourist spots of the Black and Azov Sea coast.