Learn Russian!

курс русского языкаWe invite you to Russian language courses held in Southern Federal University.

We accept students of various levels:

Beginner level

Intermediate level

Advanced level

Groups are formed according to the entry level. Each group consists of no more than 6 people. The teaching load is 16 academic hours per week (1 academic hour equals 45 minutes)

International students study Russian at a special department: Department of the Russian Language for International Students. Lessons are given by talented and experienced teachers, who make all their best to provide high quality learning of the Russian language. On completion of the course participants get certificates.

курсы русского языка_ещёTerms 2016

27 January–21 February/

7 March/ 9 May

12 May–6 June/ 20 June

25 August — 19 September/

3 October/ 5 December

27 October–21 November/

5 December


Intensive Course (4 and 6 weeks) http://rki.sfedu.ru/?q=node/49

Basic Course (15 weeks) http://rki.sfedu.ru/?q=node/50

 Tuition fees:                                                                              

4 weeks course – 14770 RUB

6 weeks course – 22155 RUB

15 weeks course – 55388 RUB

 If you decide to take Russian language course at Southern Federal University, You should send your application to the CENTRE FOR INTERACTION WITH INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS (http://sfedu.ru/international/?page_id=2354)at least 8 weeks before the course starts. If you wish to apply, you need to fax or e-mail the following documents:

  • filled in application form;
  • national passport (a page with the photo and general information);
  • Please inform us about the place, date and time of your arrival and flight/train number 2 weeks in advance, so that we could organize your meeting.
  • Please bring 6 color photos (3×4) with you.
  • The payment for Russian courses is to be done in Rubles (according to the RF Central Banks’ current rate) upon your arrival.