Admission Requirements. Entrance Examinations

For Bachelor’s degree seeking applicants 

Traditionally the document on education giving the access to higher educational institutions is a document on secondary general education or on secondary professional education.

Admission to higher educational institutions is competitive. The selection is relied on preliminary examinations, high school completion document, interview, achievements of a school-leaver in various subject competitions, etc.

Preliminary examinations are the main component of the selection procedure. The number and the list of preliminary examinations are stipulated by the regulations of a certain higher educational institution. Disciplines for preliminary examinations are determined in accordance with the requirements of a certain department and educational program. The disciplines and discipline curriculum selected for preliminary examinations should correspond to the disciplines and discipline curriculum taught in secondary comprehensive schools: history, social sciences, the Russian language and literature, foreign languages, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, geography, etc.

For Master’s degree seeking applicants 

An exam in one major subject has to be passed.

For PhD degree seeking applicants 

Research essay in the field of specialization. Passing three qualification examinations:
— Examination in the main field
— Examination in general philosophy
— Examination in Russian as a foreign language


Language proficiency is mandatory for all applicants

Level of the Russian language proficiency for Bachelor’s degree program is TORLF Level-1

Level of the Russian language proficiency for Master’s degree program and PhD program is TORLF Level-2


The terms of entrance examinations at SfedU for

Bachelor’s degree program

from July 12th to July 24th

from July 10th to July 24th – creativity competition (for architecture, design, journalism specialties)

from August 12th to August 20th

Master’s degree program

from August 11th to August 22th

PhD degree program

from August 11th to August 22th