Students from abroad are always welcome at SFedU!Admission

International students wishing to study at SFedU have to undergo the admission procedure, which is quite simple. After submitting the application form, the package of required documents, and obtaining a Russian visa, they are welcome to come to SFedU and to start their education in Russia with the studies at the Preparatory Department for Foreign Students (see Foundation Course). The Department provides them with Russian language courses as well as with the necessary training in sciences or humanities, which will enable them to pass entrance exams taken in the Russian language and in the subject that will be studied as a major.

Upon successful completion of the Foundation Course foreign citizens can enter further Bachelor’s and Master’s programs at SFedU:

• On a contract basis. In this case, foreign enrollee submit an application form («How to Apply»), come to SFedU and pass mandatory screening examinations.

• On a budget basis, given the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation provides a letter of recommendation for a study –

In this case, foreign citizens hold qualifying tests abroad at Rossotrudnichestvo. See more at:

For more information about filling-in the application form, required documents and terms of study please follow this section:

Center for Interaction with International Students is always at hand to provide international applicants with advisory services.