The Scientific Profile of University:

— Nanomaterials, nanotechnologies, facilities and systems based on them, intellectual materials

— Biotechnologies, living systems technologies, ecological security, the medicine of the future

— Information and telecommunication technologies, facilities and systems

— Marine, aviation and spacerocket equipment, radio engineering, automation and control

— Architectural and art work, design, restoration, modernizing and creating objects of urban development, architecture, design and art

— Humanitarian technologies and models for developing human capital and tolerant socio-economic communities in a polyethnic region of Russia




Fields of knowledge — 35

The volume of research and development in 2014 — 1,6 bln rubles

Research areas — 89


Hirsch index (2006-2014):

Web of Science — 53 

Scopus — 58

Russian Science Citation Index —54

Prospects for University Development: Research and Development:


 — Information technologies, nanotechnologies, intellectual materials

— Robot technology, systems of control, navigation and communication

— The medicine of the future, biotechnologies

— Geopolitics, geo-economics of the South of Russia

— The problems and prospects of development of the Azov-Black sea basin