Why SFedU?

Southern Federal University (SFedU) is a major academic, scientific and cultural hub which was one of the first federal universities to appear in Russia. Today SFedU is an innovative research university that provides its students with comprehensive education, maintained through integration between the educational process and the fundamental and applied scientific research, based upon cutting edge technologies and techniques.ин.студенты

The university trains highly-skilled experts in the fields of natural sciences, engineering, humanities, architecture and arts, pedagogy.

At present SFedU offers 53 Bachelor’s degree programmes, 80 Master’s degree programmes (including 200 specialized Master’s courses), 18 Specialist degree programmes, as well as 25 postgraduate educational research programmes.

Traditionally in SFedU special attention is given to the education of foreign students because we offer qualified education at the global standard, focused on producing competent professionals who are capable of being successful in their fields in any country of the world. SFedU has been training international experts since 1948. During this period over 7000 professionals from 120 countries have graduated from SFedU.

Southern Federal Unirostovversity is the largest university in the South of Russia, the region which has long been known for its multicultural traditions and hospitality. The University’s location adds to its uniqueness. Most of SFedU faculties and departments are located in Rostov-on-Don which is a beautiful southern city, a major industrial and cultural hub located on the bank of scenic River Don, and also the capital of Donskoi Krai. The technical faculties of SFedU are situated in Taganrog in Taganrog Bay of the Sea of Azov.



Rostov-on-Don is the regional centre, and Donskoi Krai is a big Russian region which has historically been the home to Don Cossacks. The Cossack region is famous for its original culture and interesting history. Donskoi krai is the homeland of great Russian authors A. P. Chekhov and M. A. Sholokhov.Новый точечный рисунок