Cultural Activities

SFedU students are welcome to join SFedU Student Club that deals with cultural and entertainment activities and events.

SFedU Student Club aims at providing students with an opportunity to express themselves, to demonstrate their creative skills and talents. The Club supports and runs 4 singing bands, 8 dance companies, and 3 theatrical companies, as well as organizes  a variety of concerts, festivals and competitions.  

Each creative company has its own distinctive charater and style. An academic choir and a folk singing enesemble are among the SFedU singing bands.  SFedU dance companies include ballroom dance, folk dance and breakdancing companies. The University is proud of its  award-winning dance company headed by its founder and long-term leader Diana Ferder. A mime theatre studio is among the SFedU theatrical companies.

 SFedU faculty and students, as well as their relatives and friends are always eager to come to the university festivals and creative competitions. The Golden Voice singing contest,  humorous KVN shows and the Spring Creative Festival are especially popular. KVN is a comedy sketch show where the performers are divided into competing teams. The Spring Creative Festival is a kind of a talent show where students can demonstrate their acting, dancing and singing skills.

Special festivals and photo exhibitions are organized for SFedU international students that give them an opportunity to share positive emotions and to learn more about the culture of each other’s native country.