Charity Concert


Under the umbrella of SFedU Alumni Association on October 23 a charity concert of the creative team «Perfect Cadence» will be held. It is directed by the University graduater Vasilisa Gorochnaya. The concert will be dedicated to the performance of music by Mozart and his contemporaries.

The event will take place at SFedU Museum on Bolshaya Sadovaya, 105 on October 23, beginning at 3 pm, ticket price — 300 rubles.

XIX World Festival of Youth and Students


In Sochi  XIX World Festival of Youth and Students will be held in 2017. In addition to the Olympic capital, festival events will also take place in Moscow. On the 14 of October of 2017 there will be a parade of youth. One of the universities, to be of assistance to the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs and the National Preparatory Committee, is  Southern Federal University.

Now SFedU takes part in the nationwide campaign «A year before the Festival.» On October 14, exactly one year before the beginning, there was presentation of the XIX World Festival for the trade unionists, representatives of the University Student Council, and students from SFedU Interclub.

Food Science Research & Commercialization


In September 2016, researchers from Rutgers University (USA) launched a series of collaborative projects with Southern Federal University  to advance research and commercialization in food science. Although both institutions had collaborated on joint research papers, support of American Councils for International Education provided the opportunity for university representatives to meet face-to-face for the first time. The initiative aims to strengthen the scientific capacity of the two universities as a platform for establishing future programs of cooperation in biotechnology, food science, education, and the commercialization of scientific research.

Dr. Qingron Huang and Dr. Michael Chikindas (Rutgers University School of Environmental and Biological Sciences) delivered the week-long course covering natural antimicrobials, probiotics, and nanotechnology applications for food and health. Graduate students and faculty of the Academy of Biology and Biotechnology of Southern Federal University attended the lectures and seminars, and enrolled participants received Rutgers certificates. In addition to the academic discussions, Dr. Huang and Dr. Chikindas introduced professors and students to Innovation Park @ Rutgers, a new initiative designed to catalyze the university’s technology-led economic development for New Jersey, as well as research facilities open for future joint research projects. Dr. Ron Huang delivers a talk on food nanotechnology solutions at Southern Federal University.

To advance future joint collaborations in research and education, the expert visitors from Rutgers held strategy meetings with Dr. Anatoly Metelitsa, Vice Rector for Research, and Dr. Elena Fedotova, Head of the International Office. Colleagues discussed scientific areas where the two universities can join efforts to produce new biotechnology research, test products at the proof-of-concept stage, and further develop the entrepreneurial skills of scientists. The two institutions discussed joint educational projects to specifically benefit final-year students and young faculty. As a result of this engagement, the departments at Rutgers and  Southern Federal University signed a memorandum of understanding expressing the intentions of both universities to continue and deepen collaboration.

As a follow-up to the meeting, the SFedU International Office and their Rutgers colleagues, with support from American Councils, are now developing an action plan to strengthen and deepen collaboration activities. Next steps include outreach to deans and provosts across both institutions to catalyze partnerships, design of commercialization curriculum, selection of faculty for additional joint research collaborations, distance learning sessions, site visits to the Rutgers innovation ecosystem, selection of university spin-off companies for product testing in market at Rutgers’ business incubators, outreach to Russian agricultural companies, and assessment of technology for additional academic areas of collaboration.

On-line Course History and Memory



First on-line course History and Memory was launched by SFedU researchers.

Historians and literature theorists will reveal how general understanding of historic events and the history itself are reflected in politics, culture and literature.

Join the course free.


The course is available after registering in EDX system.

International Students Presented SFedU at Caspian Forum


Astrakhan State University in cooperation with the World Alumni Association and Russian Alumni Association of International Students conducted Caspian Forum from 2 to 5 of October.

The Forum was attended by presidents of alumni associations of higher educational institutions of the USSR, Russia and CIS, as well as 120 foreign students and graduates from 20 countries.

Forum contributed to the promotion of Russian culture and education, the development of international student exchanges, the formation of inter-ethnic relations, cultural values, tolerance, business motivation, positive socialization of the student community.

Russian and Japanese Universities’ Rectors Forum


SFedU Rector took part  in Moscow on October 6 in the VI Rectors’ Forum of Russian and Japanese Universities. The agenda of the meeting was: «Universities and Society: Science and Education in the Modern World.»

The event was attended by heads of around 20 universities of Japan: Tsukuba University, Niigata University, University of Kanazawa, Yamaguchi University, Sofia University (Tokyo), the University of Kobe, Tohoku University, University of Nagasaki, and others. The Russian side involved the President of the Russian Union of Rectors, Rector of Lomonosov Moscow State university, Academician Viktor Sadovnichy, and Rectors of universities. Among the discussed topics there were issues of Russian-Japanese cooperation in the sphere of science and education.

Rector Marina Borovskaya made SFedU presentation at the plenary session of the Forum.

The Day of Partner Universities


On October the 1st. International Relations Department held the Day of Partner Universities in SFedU Media Centre. More than 200 SFedU students came to find out  how to get the learning experience in a foreign language environment.

To provide each student with a chance to be involved in the international life of the University, various programs of international academic mobility were presented at the event. Alexandra Elitte, DAAD representative, told about current DAAD programs; Head of International Relations Department Elena Fedotova introduced the program «Global Education»; and Christina Voloschenko from the Center for International Projects and Programs invited students to participate in the new competition of Erasmus+. Visitors also met with a representative of the Technical University of Dortmund, and have learned how to pass the international language tests.

With great interest students communicated with their Russian and foreign colleagues — academic exchange programs’ Alumni. They talked not only about the training process abroad, but also about cultural differences, adaptation, solving everyday problems.

The Day participants also showed their skills on the international quiz. The winners received gifts from SFedU partner universities.