Conference “University in a Changing World”

The international conference is devoted to the 100th Anniversary of SFedU (October 13-15). Among the guests are not only academics from the south of Russia but also representatives from University of Warsaw, Poznan, Vienna, Copenhagen (Poland).

SFedU rector is going to give an opening speech along with the director of the Institute of history and international relations. Invited lecturers will also give lectures on history of the university, its role in society etc.

SFedU Invites for International Military Show


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Showroom “VertolExpo” will hold an International exhibition “Innovation Day of Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation”. The official partner there will be Southern Federal University which is going to present its brand new production intended specially for safety and security prevention of the state.

The show will start at 10 am, October 5.

Passports are needed for admission.

Professor of Ostfold University College in SFedU


Professor of Ostfold University College John-Eric Andreassen visited SFedU in terms of a joint grant to give lectures for students of the Institute of management (September 24 – October 3).
The professor and his Russian colleagues are researching firms’ innovation and its impact on financial business efficiency.

Since 2007 Ostfold University College’s been collaborating with SFedU and a number of students took a year courses in Ostfold Unoversity College that were public funded.

SFedU got First Prize in Theater Contest


Within 5 days several groups from Perm, Rostov-on-Don, Sochi, Pyatigorsk and Stavropol showed their performances, took part in master-classes, and exchanged experience. Among the jury were leading Russian film directors and dramaturgists.

The organizers stated that every performance was such a pleasure to watch and thanked all the groups for taking part.

VI Fest of Science


The 6th Fest of Science in the south of Russia will take place in a showroom “VertolExpo”. There will be 42 universities to take part in the fest from Southern, North Caucasian and Crimea Districts. Apart from that 17 museums will be involved. The showroom includes 135 interactive modules. They will feature current scientific developments, master-classes, and a fest laser show. Also leading Russian and foreign researchers will give lectures throughout the show.

Opening hours: October 10, 0-8 pm; October 11, 0-5 pm. Nagibina pr-ct, 30

Center-invest Bank Supports Young Scientists and Academics from BRICS Countries

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62 Sokolova Avenue, Rostov-on-Don, tel / fax (863) 2-000-000, e-mail:, website:

PRESS RELEASE/30.09.2015

Center-invest Bank was a co-organiser and financial partner for an international conference of young scientists and academics from BRICS countries held on 24-26 September 2015 at Southern Federal University in Rostov-on-Don.

The event, entitled “BRICS Cooperation for Sustainable Development”, was timed to coincide with Southern Federal University’s 100th anniversary. The conference objectives were: to invigorate cooperation among young scientists and researchers from the BRICS countries; to strengthen scientific and academic ties at the international and cross-institutional level; and to discuss the most important vectors in increased intercultural dialogue and scientific and economic development in the BRICS countries, and their role in the modern global development paradigm.

The conference was attended by young scientists and academics from leading Russian universities, including southern Russian universities, representatives of BRICS scientific and academic communities, and young entrepreneurs.

“For many years now we have seen that southern Russia plays the same role in the Russian economy as the BRICS countries do in the global economy,” says Dr Vasily Vysokov, chairman of the Board of Directors of Center-invest Bank. “Our main task is to establish dialogue between the small business sectors in the BRICS. First and foremost, we need to encourage dialogue between young people and scientists and academics. By sharing experience of addressing typical challenges in BRICS countries, we create a good basis for business development through the localisation of best practice. Any comparative analysis engenders new ideas. But rather than focussing on known methods and approaches, we should be looking for and creating something new, and the conference helps us to do this.”

The delegates discussed regional and intercountry cooperation, collaboration between SMEs and regional commercial banks in BRICS countries, biotechnology, agriculture, energy efficiency, and modern technology. Indeed, information technology is the most important vector of development for the BRICS.


Press Service

BRICS Conference


The conference “BRICS countries cooperation for sustainable development” was timed to coincide with the 100 Anniversary of SFedU. The opening ceremony was held on September 24. Among the participants were M. Borovskaya (rector) and other authorities. It was emphasized that there were a lot of tasks for Brazil, Russia, India, China, and Republic of South Africa to face regarding economics, ecology etc.

The next day, September 25, several meetings took place under the names “BRICS countries and its regions in the world cooperation”, “Modern technologies: nano materials, energy efficiency, IT – the crucial vector of development” etc.

The whole event ended with a gala dinner where guests shared their thoughts about the conference. September 26 became a day devoted to sport events and entertainment program.

The links below contain official report on the conference and an address of the young researchers of BRICS countries:

brics report

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