5th Festival of Science of the South of Russia

 The Festival took place in CEC VertolExpo on October 10-11.

Several thousands of people visited grounds of the South Russian Festival of Science and immersed themselves in the world of inventions and magic of science. Over 200 events and 50 master-classes took place within the frameworks of the Festival. Svetlana Ponomareva, Chief-manager of the Festival of Science of the South of Russia, told about the most interesting exhibits.

Visitors learned about 3D-simulation and augmented reality, how to solve Rubik’s Cube in 20 seconds, extracted own DNA, took part in amusing chemical and physical experiments, saw bacteria in a drop of water, studied Roman law, took a look at the world of ancient technologies, and took part in philological investigations with Sherlock Holmes.

Those who visited master-class “Colour stimulation of brain” learned how one, by using just glasses with led and headphones, could improve memory and efficiency of education with dispatch. Also guests could find out their physiological age. Head Hunter carried out master-class “Perfect interview”. Visitors could acquire skills of belt plaiting, stoving enamel, Russian folk toys making.

Academy of Biology represented an exhibit “Adaptive interface brain-computer for management problems”. Guests of the Festival learned how to use wheelchair. The Institute of High Technologies and Piezotechnics showed piezoelectric bicycle, a new kind of environment friendly vehicle.

17 lectures of top-level scientist of the Russian Federation and from abroad were delivered. Prominent physicist Nobel Prize winner Zhores Alfyorov delivered video-lecture“Nuclear technologies on duty for the human kind”. Professor of Lemmens Institute, violin player Tigran Maytesyan told about decoding of music perception and a way to solve communication problems of people with defect verbal functions.

Svetlana Ponomareva: “the fifth year in the run SFEDU carries out the Festival of Science of the South of Russia that is the event for the whole family of social significance and directed to popularization of science. And announcing events take course through the whole year; among them are Battle of Faculties, School of Volunteers, Big Game for schoolchildren and for students, and scientific conference “Youth’s Mission in Science”.