SFedU Events 2016


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Haldor Topsoe Awardee

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Aram Bugaev, junior researcher from SFedU research centre Smart Materials, was awarded a prestigious Haldor Topsoe prize. Haldor Topsoe is the world’s leader in catalysis research. Annually the company’s prize goes to the best research on catalysis done by post-graduate students.

Aram says that his scientific supervisor Alexander Soldatov and he were the only physicists present at the event. “Traditionally the winners are chemists because it is their focus area. It’s hard to say what was the crucial about winning the prize. I think that the fact we collaborate with experts in chemistry, physics, computer modeling is our biggest advantage”.

The focus area Aram works at is nanoparticles of palladium. This material is used as a catalyst agent in petrochemical industry.

When producing plastic, for example polyethilen plastics, ethylene is used. If ethylene containes any impurities the whole manufacturing process can be spoilt. Thus such catalysts as palladium are used.

These researches became possible due to the Research center Smart Material which recently was awarded a grant from the Russian Government for building a full circle lab.


Ecological Tour to Rostov Power Plant


On July 17-19 Rostov power plant hosted SFedU researchers and students from Faculty of Physics and Institute of Earth Sciences who  came in terms of the ecological tour.

In 3 specific zones  of observation more than 300 samples of soil and plants were taken for laboratory research for natural and artificial radionuclides detection.  At the same time radiation background of the area was measured.

Twice a year during 17 years participants have been doing their research activity on the Rostov power plant.

In terms of Ecotour-2016 researchers launch an experiment on testing radionuclides  allocation in different areas and detecting heavy metals in soils.

This long-term research shows that throughout the whole period of observations the amount of radionuclides and radiation background has remained on the natural level (0,10-0,14 mcSv/h) and it hasn’t changed since the foundation of the plant. Elena Buraeva, project manager and associate professor of  Physical Faculty says “In other words the measurements prove that Rostov power station has no impact on the environment”.

The results can be found in an international scientific journal Geoderma having its emphasis on soil sciences.

Another ecotour will be done in September, 2016.

Electronic Herbarium of SFedU Botanical Garden


Herbarium fully reflects the floral diversity of the Rostov region. The basis for its creation was the disparate collection of samples of exotic species (1.5 thousand. 600 species of Lower Don flora) Taisya Burkina is a curator. Particular attention is paid to the collection of samples of rare and endangered species, as well as the study of the flora of specially protected natural territories.

In 2003, the herbarium of the Botanical Garden was registered in the international database Index Herbariorum data (New York).

Electronic Herbarium project was developed by specialists of phytocenology system and geospatial analysis sector of SFedU Botanical Garden (Head — Pavel Dmitriev). Students of the Academy of biology and biotechnology participated in the work.

Electronic herbarium enables remote and prompt submittion of samples to study in academic or research purposes in the broad areas from biogeography to ecology or nature protection.

Electronic herbarium is placed in the public domain on the Internet at the following address: http://base.bg.sfedu.ru/rwbg/

SFedU Student Publishes Article in CrystEngCom


CrystEngCom publishes the article «Advanced composites based on relaxor-ferroelectric single crystals: From electromechanical coupling to energy-harvesting applications». Review and other information can be found  here.

Among the authors are Ashura Isaeva, 4th year student of Physics Faculty; scientific supervisor Dr. Vitaly Topolov, prof. Cristopher Bowen (University of Bath, GB), prof. Paolo Bisegna (Tor Vergata University, Italy)

The journal is of interest for physicists, crystallograpgers, chemists, materials specialists and other professionals.

Graduation Ceremony for Master Students


Green opening in front of Physical Faculty will become a venue for the graduation ceremony of master students at 6 pm on July,4. Welcome!

Access to Digital Services by SFedU Library


To improve the accessibility and range of services, SFedU Scientific Library named after Y.A. Zhdanov, opened the access to digital services for users. There are three new services currently available:

Book provision for educational programs. This service allows to create a document containing a training and information materials on the educational program Document is created using an electronic catalog of the Library, ELS catalogs available, and electronic open access resources. It can significantly reduce the time to prepare the book supply.

Final qualifying works. The service allows graduates of the University to post their graduate qualification works in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Education. When placing the work it automatically is converted to pdf format. It also gets a unique track number, and graduate receives the e-mail confirmation letter.

Unified search engine EBSCO Discovery Service. This service allows to search for research and training information from all sources available to the University — the electronic library catalog, databases Scopus and ScienceDirect data, EBS «University Library Online» and many others.

Access to all digital library services is carried out using a corporate login and does not require separate registration.