Utopian Projects in the History of Culture

Institute of Philosophy, Social and Political Studies of Southern Federal University  is inviting to participate in Interdisciplinary conference “Utopian projects in the history of culture (dedicated to the 500th anniversary of Thomas More’s «Utopia»)”, which will be held on November 11-12, 2016.

In 2016, it turns 500 years since the moment of release Thomas More’s «Utopia». This «a truly golden little book» has led not only to the birth of a new literary genre but also paved the way to a new mode of thinking about the future associated with the construction of an imaginary alternate reality.

Utopia was born at the beginning of the Modern era and belongs to the modern culture. However, its background was formed by the classical myths, ancient philosophy, Christian tradition and beliefs, folklore. The discovery of America has played a specific role in the emergence of the modern utopia and the American continent became the «laboratory» of the European utopias.

Through the centuries, the semantics of the word «utopia» extended depending on the sociocultural context; utopian thought filled with different contents and acquired new forms. Novels about travelling were complemented with the political tracts, social theories, environmental and linguistic projects, futurological prognosis, etc. That’s the reason why the conference on More’s Utopia must be interdisciplinary – its focus intends the participation of representatives of various academic disciplines: philosophy, literature, sociology, history, political science, ecology, anthropology, law, art history, cultural studies, etc. Besides the different forms of utopia, the conference will especially focus on utopian derivations: dystopia and hyper utopia.

The topics for discussion will include, but not be limited to:

  • Thomas More and his era
  • Philosophy of utopia
  • At the origins of the genre: ancient utopia
  • Myth, religion and folklore as sources of modern utopia
  • Utopia as a genre and as a mode of thinking
  • Utopias and utopian practices in the history of culture
  • Russian utopian tradition
  • Utopia and America
  • Modern utopianism: theories and practices
  • Utopia in Soviet and post-Soviet cultural space
  • Dystopia in modern science fiction
  • Utopia and dystopia in cinema
  • Art Utopias
  • Utopia in education: theoretical discourse and practical experiences
  • Utopia and language
  • Utopia in politics and law
  • Utopia and tradition
  • Existential and psychological utopia

The languages of the conference are Russian and English.

The registration fee for foreign participants is 30 €.

The fee covers the cost of publication of the post-conference volume and its distribution.


For participation, it’s necessary to fill the application form – https://goo.gl/forms/R2iZghcrhKuvLRys1

The form should be filled by October 10, 2016.

All papers will be published in the post-conference volume. Absentee participation is possible as multi-authored monograph is planned. Papers up to 7 000 characters in total should be also sent by October 10, 2016 to conferenceutopia@gmail.com. By October 15, selected participants will receive a confirmation letter.

Paper requirements

Paper presents a summary of your research, containing problem analysis and individual conclusions in its decision. Papers containing exclusively an overview of the perspectives of other authors will not be accepted for the publication. The reference list is obligatory.

The organizing Committee has the right to select applications for participation in the conference and papers for publication.

The organizers don’t cover arrival and accommodation costs. The organizing Committee can help in finding and selecting hotels.

Organizing Committee address: 116, Dneprovsky per., Institute of Philosophy, Social and Political Studies, Southern Federal University, Rostov-on-Don, 344000 Russia.

Contact information: conferenceutopia@gmail.com; tel: +7-909-423-97-90.

Contact person: Maxim Romanenko

Interpretation School Invites Students for Training Program


The training center «School of Interpretation» at SFedU Institute of Philology, Journalism and Intercultural Communication is recruiting for vacational training program «Consecutive Interpretation in the Field of Professional Communication» (English): 504 hours. — 2 years of training.

At the end of the course the student who successfully mastered the program, receives a diploma of standard form of the Southern Federal University. The required level of language proficiency for admission to the program — upper-intermediate I (II).
Applications have to be send to: gid-trening@rambler.ru

Hackathon Cyber Garden

On September 8 — 10 «Screenshot_4» # 4 2016 VIF will be held at the Institute of Computer Technology and Information Security in Taganrog SFedU Campus.

The purpose of the marathon — the popularization of technical creativity of youth, development of professional competencies of students, as well as strengthening the cooperation of students and graduate students from different regions of Russia.

In Memory of Yuri Zhdanov


August 20 marked 97 years since the birth of the outstanding scientist and public figure Yuri Zhdanov.

Yuri Zhdanov — Soviet and Russian scientist, an organic chemist with the world-renowned expert in the field of philosophy, natural science issues, cultural theory, Doctor of Chemistry, Ph.D., professor, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. As head of Rostov State University for over 30 years, Yuri Zhdanov turned it into a leading university of the South of Russia on the basis of which one of the country’s first research centers where research and education constitute a single complex was created.

The jubilee X «Zhdanov Readings» will be held in Southern Federal University on October 14-15.



Movies participating in the First Short Film Festival «SFedU, I love you» were included in the program of special shows of «Rostov Inspiring!» IInd International Festival of motivational movies BRIDGE of ARTS, which will be held August 24-28 in Rostov-on-Don.

Works of SFedU graduates Lyudmila Kuturzhenko («The Dream») and Alexander Semergeya («The Way») were included in the program of special screenings.

Movies will be shown on August 27 in Rostov-on-Don VGIK branch, Moscowskaya str., 43a.

Alumni Association Replenishes with New Members


There was a gala meeting dedicated to the 90th anniversary of Vladimir Talnikov, the graduater of History and Philology Dept. of Rostov State University, military service veteran, Don Union of Writers member, Sholokhov laureate, a member of the International Union of Slavic Journalists. On this day Vladimir signed application for membership in SFedU Alumni Association.

Vladimir is a bright person with the variety of talents. Born in 1926 in Rostov-on-Don, he has participated in the World War II, in 1946 he graduated from Sevastopol air defense artillery school, and in 1960 — History and Philology RSU Faculty. Today Vladimir Talnikov is a famous collector and public figure, writer and poet.

Friends, former colleagues, representatives of the Union of Writers of the Don, Veterans Council gathered to congratulate veteran. He was pleasantly pleased with jubilee greetings from SFedU Alumni Association. At the solemn ceremony Vladimir Talnikov received gifts from the Alumni Association and a certificate of Honorary Member of SFedU Alumni Association.

In his venerable age, Vladimir Talnikov is full of ideas, many of which are implemented in the literary work. He has written nearly two dozen books. Also he has a passionate collection of buttons. There are 14 thousand buttons! Vladimir is actively involved in all city veterans’ activities, is interested in the events taking place in Southern Federal University.

SFedU Opens its Doors to New Students for the 102 Time


By tradition, the matriculation ceremony will be held on September the 1st at the court in front of SFedU’s Physical Faculty building. The program of the event will include best University vocal and dance groups performances, interactive exhibition, welcoming speeches of honored guests and the University representatives. The event will end with colorful pyrotechnic show.

The beginning of the ceremony at 7pm.