Students visited SFEDU’s observatory

Students of Southern Federal University visited Astronomical Observatory of SFEDU that in Nedvigovka is situated. Karina Chicherina, assistant of the Institute of Computer Technologies and Information Safety of ETA SFEDU organized the excursion to the Observatory.

Dr. Mikhail Nevskiy, Chief of the Observatory delivered the lecture about spheres and their nature, and specification and assembly of 20-santimeter telescope-refractor ABP-2 (the one that is in the Observatory situated).

But the most important is that everybody could look at stars through telescope. Dr. Nevskiy showed various astronomical objects: α (the brightest star) of the constellation Boötis, a binary star, trace of exploded star, a nebula; and he pointed out with laser pointing device constellations in the night sky telling fascinating stories about them.

Organizers of the tour are very grateful to Dr. Mikhail Yu. Nevskiy for his dedication to work, and for his eagerness to hand over to younger generation a part of his knowledge and help to extend a sphere of scientific interest.