Paraguay: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow


Spanish-Russian Linguo-Cultural Center invites all to the lecture (in Russian) on the history and culture of Paraguay.

Lecturer: Igor Protsenko, Universidad del Norte (UniNorte, Asuncion, Paraguay). The lecture will be held on May 28 at ul. Bolshaya Sadovaya, 105, conference room of SFedU Academic Council. Beginning at 12:20. Free entrance. For questions, please contact: 218-40-95 (SFedU Spanish-Russian Linguo-Cultural Center)

Days of Slavic Literature at SFedU

On May 21-22 the University will celebrate the Days of Slavic Literature:

May 21 – a team quiz on the subject of Cyril and Methodius (Room. 9, at University, 93). Beginning at 13:45.

May 22 – literary presentation and laying flowers at Cyril and Methodius memorial sign in the alley by the Don public library. Beginning at 11:45.

Everyone is welcome!

Alumni of 1984 visit

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Institute of Philosophy, Social and Political Science of the Southern Federal University on May 14 hosted the German Alumni why graduated in 1984 from the Faculty of Philosophy of Rostov State University. Guests from Germany were glad to meet their teachers and nowadays students-philosophers, to explore classrooms and departments of the Institute, to get a cup of tea with colleagues, and to remember the days spent at the University.

British scientist became an honorary doctor of the SFedU

Shotlandec 4 1628The Academic Council of Southern Federal University after due consideration in recognition of the outstanding contribution in the development of Russian-British cultural and academic relations and as a sign of appreciation of the long-term fruitful cooperation with Southern Federal University has awarded a honorary doctorate of Southern Federal University to Mr. Hamish W.Fraser (Glasgow, GB).


Mr. Hamish Fraser is well known to many European historians studying Scottish social history.


The award ceremony tookplaceattheopeningoftheinternationalconference “Nationalisminthedigitalspace.” Among the participants there were also historical faculty’s Alumni of different years such as Boris Gasparov, now a professor at Columbia University, Igor Danilevsky, professor at the Higher School of Economics.

Young SFedU Researchers are Modeling New Molecular and Supramolecular Systems

Using quantum chemical methods the young scientists have designed new types of molecular and supramolecular systems with unusual structure and unique physical properties.

Two articles in one of the top chemical journals Angewandte Chemie International Edition (Impact Factor: 11.336) contain the research results of young scientists from the Institute of Physical and Organic Chemistry, Olga Gapurenko and Alyona Starikova. These investigations continue the trend developed in Rostov quantum chemical school by Academician Vladimir Minkin.

Publication of Olga Gapurenko represents the work within the joint Russian-Japan research project (supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research and by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science) and deals with the first member of the homonuclear pyramidanes, pentagermapyramidane, whose carbon analogue was firstly predicted in 1977 by the scientists of our University Vladimir Minkin and Ruslan Minyaev. New structure were synthesized, fully characterized and computationally studied to reveal its peculiar structural features and the nature of its bonding interactions. Both solid and solution-state structures of pentagermapyramidane are discussed based on the computed stabilities of its planar (1b) and folded forms (1a). Successful synthesis of the new compound by Japanese group was possible after the quantum-chemical calculations of the Russian team. 


Another publication is devoted to the prediction of extended nonmetal atom chains (ENAC), containing sulfur or selenium and fluorine atoms, which represent the analogs of well-known EMAC (extended metal atom chains). Alyona Starikova has performed quantum chemical calculations of linear systems. As a result of the solid-state modeling of extended nonmetal atom chains, a new type of linear systems has been supposed. These structures are predicted to possess interesting properties. It is expected that theoretical findings will inspire the specialists to the synthesis of these unusual molecules.

Olga Gapurenko and Alyona Starikova have also another publications in such prestigious chemical journals as Journal of the American Chemical Society (Impact Factor: 11.444), Dalton Transactions (IF: 4.097), Journal of Computational Chemistry (IF: 3.601), European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry (IF: 3.120), Structural Chemistry (IF: 1.900), Mendeleev Communications (IF: 1.154). At present they participate in various research projects: “Pyramidal Organic and Organoelement Structures: Experimental and Theoretical Studies” (joint RFBR-JSPS project, head – Acad. V.I. Minkin); “Synthesis, structure and dynamic of stereochemically non-rigid and non-classical organic and coordination compounds in ground and electron-excited states” (the Council on grants of the President of RF for the support of leading scientific schools, head – Acad. V.I. Minkin); “Molecular design of superlight tree-dimensional crystal structures and two- and one-dimensional supermolecular structures for molecular electronics” (RFBR, leader – Prof. R.M. Minyaev). Alyona Starikova is also a participant of Russian Scientific Found grant “Theoretical modeling and directional synthesis of mono- and bimetallic coordination compounds of transition metals with migration of paramagnetic centers for spin qubits and molecular switches” (head – Acad. V.I. Minkin).

In 2014 Olga Gapurenko and Alena Starikova participated in the training seminars within the International Career Training Program “Chemistry of the Organoelement Compounds” at the University of Tsukuba, Japan.

Cultural Сonfrontations: Reasonable, Unreasonable and Statistically Unlikely

On the 22 of April Cultural Сonfrontations: Reasonable, Unreasonable and Statistically Unlikely seminar was held in the framework of Oxford-Russia Fund’s scholarship program at Southern Federal University. Prof. Karen Hewitt, Tutor in Literature, Oxford University Department for Continuing Education (GB) and Olga Dzumailo, Professor of SFedU Institute of Philolgy, Journalism and Intercultural Communication,  delivered a series of lectures:


What 23 contemporary books can teach us about cultural incomprehension

Adam and Eve and Milton and you

Intercultural communication in/through the arts

Why Shakespeare Matters

History: How the past has changed in Britain – and why it will go on changing


The seminar was attended by 50 students from various SFedU educational departments.

Visit of Dr. Armen Der Kiureghian, President of American University of Armenia

AUA was founded in 1991. The university rapidly grew to become one of the finest institutions of higher learning in Armenia and the region. AUA is accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission, and it is affiliated with the University of California.

During the visit to SFedU Dr. Armen Der Kiureghian presented AUA study and research possibilities to local students and staff: AUA offers eight master’s degree programs in business and management, economics, law, industrial engineering and systems management, computer and information sciences, health sciences, political science and international affairs, and teaching of English as a second language. AUA also offers three bachelor’s degree programs in business, computational sciences, and English and communications. In addition, AUA operates research centers affiliated with each of the graduate programs, as well as the Acopian Center for the Environment and the Digital Library of Classical Armenian Literature. Language of instruction is English.

You’re welcome to explore AUA website to learn more about the University and its programs: