Ministry of Education Held Seminars at SFedU


On June 26 Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation held a series of two-day seminars at Southern Federal University. Meetings were conducted under the title of Improving the Performance of the Budget and Autonomous Institutions Subordinated to the Ministry and were addressed to the heads of educational institutions of higher education. Two discussion platforms were attended by the representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia, heads of educational institutions of higher education of the Southern Federal District, representatives of executive authorities of the South and the North Caucasus region.

Participants discussed problems of the effective planning of financial and economic activity of budgetary and autonomous institutions, the formation of the cost of paid services, performance assessment and monitoring of the quality of financial management, financial stability of the educational institution,external and internal financial control and audit issues.

Regatta rebirth in SFedU

IMG_7921Taganrog is a hometown to many yachtsmen who won prizes in Russia and worldwide. Participants of the regatta, devoted to 100-year anniversary of SFedU, emphasized that the city should be glorified for its sport achievements.

Competitions under the slogan «Together we are» were held in Taganrog on June. 20. Teams from Azov, Taganrog and Rostov-on-Don were taking part. SFedU was represented by 2 yachts – «Burevestnik» and «Integral». Altogether there were 18 yachts.

The winners of the first-class cruising yachts are: 1 prize – «Anna-Maria» (Taganrog), 2 – «Skifia» (Rostov-on-Don), 3 – «Burevestnik» (Taganrog, SFedU).

«Due to our efforts we managed to recover the glory of the city, where now we hold big national competitions and training sessions, – said the chief referee.

Rector Marina Borovskaya mentioned that this regatta may become a good university tradition, that unites students, academics, postgraduates and friends of SFedU.

Taganrog mayor expressed his hope for future development of regatta in the city which will attract more visitors and participants from out of town.

SFedU Holds Sailing Regatta


Southern Federal University continues the celebration of the centenary anniversary and on June 20 holds  We are Together regatta .

The competition will be attended by cruising yachts from Rostov, Azov and Taganrog. Southern Federal University will be presented by “Burevestnik” and “Integral”. Students, heads of SFedU departments and staff members of will be guests of the regatta.

First start at 11:30. Winners awarding ceremony at 18:00. Location: Taganrog, ul. Portovaya, 2.

Competitions will be held in the Taganrog Bay of the Azov Sea.

SFedU Alumni Gathering in Sochi


On the 6th of June a meeting took place where SFedU graduates living in Sochi were taking part. As it was 100 year anniversary the meeting was even more special.

The pro-rector of Sochi State University and other academic authorities congratulated SFedU on this memorable event.

An honored professor of tourism and a distinguished cultural worker of the USSR, a member of geographical society Vladimir Stepanov revealed that U. Zhdanov (the University Rector 1957—1988) was involved in training of first professionals in tourism and regional study in Sochi State University. Other graduates and current research scientists shared their memories about U. Zhdanov and student life. Also one of the graduates recited a poem devoted to the anniversary.

Festival was crowned with cocktail session where graduates congratulated each other and shared their achievements.

Picodiagnostics: a Success Story from SFedU Scientists


Alexander Soldatov, Director of the Smart Materials Research Center at Southern Federal University published an article in Academic Executive Brief magazine.

The publication is devoted to the formation and development of SFedU’s Research School that explores nanostructure materials and picodiagnostics – a new method of research that allows to study the structure of materials at a value less than one percent of the interatomic distance.In addition to high precision, method, open by SFedU scientists, allows to study the structure of matter, without destroying it. Picodiagnosticscan be used in medicine, nanotechnology, creating a new generation of anticancer drugs and other fields of research.

Boards of Trustees’ Joint Meeting


Joint meeting of the boards of trustees of the Southern and Siberian Federal University was held at SFedU on June 5th. The meeting was chaired by RF Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

A joint meeting in Rostov-on-Don is not by chance: first, Southern Federal University celebrates this year a century of activity, and secondly, Southern and Siberian stood at the origins of the network of federal universities. Now there are ten universities of such type. Dmitry Livanov, Education and Science Minister,  stressed in his report that the establishment of federal universities was strategically correct decision. Graduate, postgraduate, research activities are concentrated at federal universities.

SFedU Alumna – Among the First Graduates of SkolTech


Anna Dubovik, SFedU 2013 Alumna of the Department of System Analysis and Telecommunications is among the first graduates of the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology. On June the 3rd she received a diploma at the awarding that was chaired by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

The title of her work:Data Mining of Social Media for Constructing Knowledge Graph Based on Open Source Resume Collections. The Certification Commission for “Mathematics and Computer Science” included representatives of Microsoft, Yandex, Huawei, INM, SAP, and Intel.