SFedU Provides Equipment for Russian Geographical Society


Students and lecturers from the Institute of Nanotechnologies, Electronics and Equipment Engineering took part in archeological expedition in Taman along with the Russian Geographical Society where they used equipment made at the department (side-scanning sonar and profile recorders – profilographs).

During the expedition there were discovered acoustic images and profilograms of the surface as well as antique amphoras and stone anchors.

Deputy Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation in SFedU

povalko 1

A working visit of the deputy minister Alexander Povalko took place on August 26 in Rostov (IRC “Intellectualmaterials”). Here in the center founded by professor Soldatov a year ago, which is also unique for its equipment, young researchers are investigating and creating nanomaterials and also cooperate with foreign centers (the GB, Germany, France etc).

The same day a supervisory committee in Taganrog (Alexander Povalko, acting governor of Rostov-on-Don Vasiliy Golubev) approved all the issues of the agenda, discussed SFedU development program 2011-2021 and rector Marina Borovskaya gave a talk on the competitive growth of SFedU.

International Aviation and Space Salon Features SFedU

8-20-maks15 (1)

International aviation and space salon MAKS will take place on August, 25-30 in Zhukovsky, Moscow. There will be demonstrated latest achievements in aviation and space design and engineering.

SFedU will feature a range of devices and machines as well as a catalogue of others innovations shown through augmented reality. Traditionally SFedU’s slogan is “Science. Business. Industrial Partnership”

The program implies several congress sessions and international conferences. On August 27 vice-rector  Vyacheslav Pshihopov will give a talk on robot technology in air vehicles, on August 28 other members will take part in a scientific cinference aimed at popularizing aircraft industry.

According to the providers, aviation and space salon will introduce goods and services from more than 700 companies (more than 35 countries)

A distinctive feature of the program will be air display teams which demonstrate their high level of excellence.

SFedU Unites European Scientists

Researchers from Institute of History and International Relations won Jean Monnet contest and got the right to do a research on the historical memory of joint communities.

In terms of the project there will be formed a consortium of researchers which will include representatives from universities of Amsterdam, Bremen, Wien and Polish Academy of Science as well as from SFedU.

The investigation will cover not only historical issues but also culture studies, religion, economics and linguistics. The project will look into the phenomenon of the historical memory, the role of religion, language, economic and social processes in forming and transforming the historical memory.

The project takes 3 years and implies having conferences and publishing articles interesting for non-specialist audiences. The institute of History and International Relations is planning to launch an international center for studying the historical memory.

Nationwide Student Forum in Rostov


SFedU will hold the forum (September 3-6) where more than 2500 people will perform in 15 disciplines: Russia in global world, Media space, Student Sport. The central topic of the forum is 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

Participants can be the heads of student communities, representatives of national and regional public organizations as well as authorities.

In terms of the forum Rostov Olympic champions will do morning exercises with guests. Guests can also see the exhibition devoted to the World War 2.

Authorities claimed: “We want to launch a new tradition of having some sport event every year. This year, for example, we suggest having a student race.” It will take place on September 5. The distance is equal to 14 km.

Among the providers are: SFedU, Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation. The key objective is to work out a federal development strategy for student organizations.

SFedU is a Part of EU Erasmus+ Program


Erasmus+ is a new EU program worked out for a period 2014 – 2020 and devoted to projects development and support, cooperating, academic mobility.

Program consists of 3 focus areas and sub programs: “Academic Mobility”, “Reform Policy Support”, “Jean Monnet Program”, “Sport”, “Youth program”.

Academic Mobility implies student and academic staff exchange between Russia and Europe. SFedU became consortiums member that are funded in terms of this subprogram.

Development of Higher Education Potential. This focus area implies launching double-degree programs, enhances relations with industries and upgrades universities management system. The project “Development of harmonization approaches in higher education, science and research, innovations of EU and its partners” is funded by EU.

Jean Monnet program is devoted to extending knowledge of European integration processes through teaching and research on history, politics, economics, EU legal system and its relationships with other regions. The key objective is bringing about European standards into the system of higher education.

The whole Erasmus+ program is aimed at facilitating the development of teaching and studying as well as supporting youth policy, sport, and as a result increasing the employment rate.

SFedU Graduate Got Second Medal in the World Championship


This time Julia Efimova got her bronze medal for swimming 50 meters breast-stroke.