SFedU at PHENMA-2016


Surabaya (Indonesia) became a venue for an annual international conference “Physics and Mechanics of New Materials and Their Applications» (PHENMA) which took place on July 19-22.

The conference welcomed 308 researchers from 18 countries.

PHENMA-2016 is the 5th conference held in Asian countries. Before it was held in Rostov-on-Don (2012), Taiwan (2013 г.), Thailand (2014). Last year the city of Azov (Russia) became home to PHENMA-2015.

It‘s worth mentioning that Indonesian colleagues put their best efforts to make the guests feel comfortable and find new partners for further joint researches.

The whole scope of reports was divided into 4 focus areas: production methods, physics, mechanics, application. The reports will be published in SPRINGER and NOVA SCIENCE PUBLISHERS.

We can conclude that PHENMA conference is of great importance for academic society because reports published in SPRINGER in 2014 were downloaded more than 33000 times, reports of Azov conference in 2016 were downloaded 21500 times.

After the conference our researcher Ivan Parinov was invited to take part in a Workshop on Resilience Planning and Strategic Implementation (PESERTA) devoted to climate change.

The next conference will take place in Jabalpur, India on October 14-16, 2017.

XIX World Festival of Youth and Students


On July 25 at the Museum of Contemporary History of Russia a meeting of the National organizing committee of the XIX World Festival of Youth and Students took place.

During the meeting the list of youth organizations, which became a part of the organizing committee was approved. The structure of Festival’s Committee 2017, on a par with the major national youth associations the Trade Union Organization of Workers and Students of SFedU joined. Participants discussed the main challenges and the overall work plan for the near future, talked about the main idea of the event and the concept of the Festival in Russia.

It should be reminded, that on February 7, 2016 at the international consultative meeting of the World Federation of Democratic Youth, it was decided to hold the event in our country. Russia became the mistress of the festival twice in the Soviet years — in 1957 (VI Festival) and in 1985 (XII festival). VI World Festival of 1957, held in Moscow, was the largest in the history of the festival movement.

SFedU Career Centre Project


This year SFedU Career Centre holds in summer its special annual project.

In July Student Recruitment interviews were conducted on Alumni employment to the job positions of: IT management specialist, recruiting and staff development specialist, selling specialist, purchasing manager, engineer and chemical engineer in such companies as: JSC CB «Center-Invest» JSC “Astra Alliance” and «Atlantis-Pak». These vacancies were offered to nearly 500 graduates of technical and economic degrees. На базе Центра карьеры и в отделах персонала компаний более 30 выпускников прошли очное собеседование или представили резюме. At the University Career Center and in personnel departments of companies more than 30 graduates have been interviewed or submitted their resumes.

Peace to the Caucasus

Formation of tolerance and the issues of combating youth extremism is a program of additional vocational training. In the framework of the All-Russian project «Peace to the Caucasus» started on July 16 at SFedU’s camp «Vityaz».

partner universities


Shift participants — students of various departments of Southern Federal University. Organization of shift, according to tradition, is engaged in the student council of the Institute of Sociology and Area Studies. Cultural and training programs have been developed, where students can express themselves in art, and in the process of acquiring the new knowledge. On the first day participants were divided into teams to interact, to het training and some rest for the next 14 days. The opening ceremony was held in the format of presentation of the program, the organizing committee and the teams.

Robot Surgeon of New Generation


Specialists of SFedU’s Engineering and Technology Academy in cooperation with Rostov Cancer Institute and NPO «Android Machines» are developing a robotic arm that can automatically control the laparoscope during operations.

Laparoscopic surgery is minimum or minimally invasive surgery, in which the human body is performed three small incisions that are not more than 1.5 cm in length, and hollow tubes are introduced in. In two of these surgical instruments are placed, in the third — laparoscope that is the stiff rigid tube with a lens system at the end of which the camera is fixed. With the help of it the surgeon can see the operated area.

The first robot manipulators appeared in the 80s of the last century. However, significant changes in the technology of their work during this time did not happen: so far, all manipulators are controlled by the surgeon. The scientists of Southern Federal University are developing a new type of robotic arm that will independently determine the location of the medical instrument, thereby providing an overview of the treated area.

This project will develop not just a single product, and create a basic technology of automatic control of high-precision robotic manipulators.

About the Modern Technologies of Devices Design


The creative space «Tsiferblat» in Rostov on July 14 at 7pm will host a lecture «Modern technologies of devices design”. Fedor Tsvetkov, senior lecturer of SFedU Institute of Radio Engineering Systems and Management, will tell about the radio engineering, the design of instruments and mechanisms of Labview programming technology in radio systems.

Russia and China Universities Rectors Forum


On July 5, 2016 Forum of Rectors of Russian and Chineese universities took place at Moscow State University. It was held in the framework of XVII session of Russian-Chinese Commission for Humanitarian Cooperation.

The discussion involved a wide range of issues of Russian-Chinese cooperation in the research and educational fields, including Chinese universities participation in the new global rankings, implementation of academic exchanges, development of youth intellectual competition system.

Currently 200 Russian and 600 Chinese universities have established partnerships for strategically important programs, concluded 900 direct contracts, created 8 professional Russian-Chinese universities associations. Around 25 thousand Chinese students study now in Russia, while in China — 17 thousand Russians. The relative further increase in the number of students is planned to be 100 thousand.

Declaration on the establishment of the Association of Universities of the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China, signed by the Chairman of the Board of Beijing University Zhu Shanley and rector of Moscow State University V.A. Sadovnichy, became the central document of the Forum. Representatives of student sports organizations signed a memorandum of intention on the Russian-Chinese student festival of winter sports.

Marina A. Borovskaya, SFedU Rector, at the Forum moderated the session of «Social and cultural cooperation: youth exchanges, festivals, contests, sports competitions.»

Heads of academic institutions and representatives of the government of Russia and China believe: mutual aid and joint problem-solving in the academic field is one of the most important strategies for the development of both countries.