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Taganrog Technological Institute


Taganrog State University of Radio Engineering (TSURE) - is one of the leading technical universities in Russia. It was set up in 1952 as the Institute of Radio Engineering (IRE) in Taganrog, an industrial seaport in the south of Russia.

The university comprises 6 faculties which offer programs of full-time education, faculty of professional development, municipal lyceum of general education, centre for pre-university training, cross-sectoral regional center for professional staff training and retraining, 36 departments, research library, "Vyibor" centre for retraining, a number of research units: Research Institute of Multiprocessors, "MIUS" experimental design centre, "RHYTHM" experimental design centre, scientific design centre of computer systems, "INTEKH" R&D centre, a publishing house, a printing office and other facilities that contribute to the day-to-day running of the institute.

At present the total student enrolment at 8 faculties is over 10000 students, with about 6500 of them following full-time programs.

More than 200 students are enrolled for postgraduate programs .

Taganrog Technological Institute is located in the town of Taganrog, Rostov region. Taganrog was founded by Peter the Great in 1698 on the shore of the Sea of Azov close to the mouth of the Don River. Quite a few industrial companies are located in Taganrog: a boiler building factory which is the biggest in Europe, a big iron and steel works, two aircraft factories, a combine-harvester plant which is the second largest in Russia, a number of electronics factories. Taganrog is the birthplace of Anton Chekhov, a great Russian writer. Numerous museums, historical monuments, parks, gardens and beaches, as well as the sun and fresh air create a pleasant environment for work and rest. Taganrog has a population of more than 300 000.

44, Nekrasovsky Lane
Taganrog, 347928
Rostov Region, GSP—17А
Russian Federation
Tel: (863-44)310-599 (for Russian speakers), 310-598 (for English speakers)
Fax: (863-44) 6-50-19

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